Can I use Yacon syrup while pregnant?

Organic products are generally known to be safe because of the absence of artificial ingredients that could cause side effects to human beings. However, some products may not be applicable or safe to pregnant women. Pregnancy is a medical condition that needs the doctor’s permission before consumption of any medication. Yacon syrup is also similar to the organic products that are restrictive of other conditions. This syrup has not been tested for safety to pregnant women, and thus the pregnant women need to consult with their doctors first.

The tests were performed with normal women who have no pregnancy. A large number of women were selected to test Yacon syrup. 60 were selected on account of the problems of overweight to test the efficacy of the syrup in reducing body weight. Successfully, 29 women of the 40 who have completed the tests showed the signs of body weight reduction. The total weight loss among the women is huge. Unfortunately the results portrayed by these women do not imply the syrup is safe for all women.

Yacon syrup is basically safe to everyone not suffering from any illness or medical condition. For example, people suffering from diarrhea and other related diseases are prohibited to use this syrup. It is notorious of causing diarrhea as a side effect when consumed in large quantities. So if diarrhea is already there before consuming the medication, it could worsen it. A patient suffering from diarrhea may consult with the doctor to check if the doctor cannot give an exceptional green light of consuming this syrup.

The damage that is feared when pregnant women drink forbidden medications is that one of affecting the unborn baby. The woman is sharing nutrients with the unborn baby, so if the consumed medication is detrimental for babies then obviously that will harm it. Therefore, pregnant women should be cautious when drinking Yacon syrup as a medication for weight reduction.

The same applies when eating recipes that have included Yacon syrup in them. Even the drinks where the syrup is used as an alternative for sugar should be avoided. Yacon syrup in its form it is beneficial because it is a natural extract which is rich in fiber and antioxidants. These could only benefit the woman but not necessarily the unborn baby. The functions of the syrup are irrelevant to the baby and that is why it could possibly harm the baby.

In conclusion, a pregnant woman should avoid consuming Yacon syrup irrespective of any purpose that it is used for. The syrup does not have any known or reported side effects to any human being consuming it in a proper way. But a caution is raised to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and other patients that they should stay away from the syrup unless if approved by their specialists. Therefore, they should always consult with the doctors before consuming the medication to see if it is compatible with the baby’s immune system.

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