Does Yacon syrup really works?

Due to the emergence of scam products on the market, it is hard to convince one that the Yacon syrup really works. One needs a proof that really the product is not like those scams. Since this syrup is often deemed as a weight loss supplement, consumers want to see it providing the results that they expect. They want to see it shedding those extra pounds they don’t want. They want to see it reducing body weight without leaving side effects. Can Yacon syrup satisfy all these wants from consumers so that they can be convinced that it really works?

Yacon syrup is not only attributed to weight reduction but to various functions in the body. The functions of this syrup extend beyond the boundaries of weight loss supplement. The contents of the syrup make it possible for it to provide many health benefits for the body. Consider its Fructooligosaccharides and inulin prebiotics which remain undigested when passing through the digestive tract to the colon. These are long chains sugars with no enzymes in the body to break them during digestion. They have low calories.

The fact that the prebiotics of Yacon syrup are undigested makes it possible for the syrup to provide many benefits in the colon. It matches very well with the intestinal flora in the colon and thus helps to stimulate other processes. The FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) acts as a soluble fiber which helps prevent constipation in the body.

The syrup is also capable of managing the blood glucose level and the cholesterol level; this makes it possible for it to be used by sugar diabetes patients who are normally scared of normal sugars. These sugars are often tied to a raise in blood sugar level. In contrast, Yacon syrup only has a few calories compared to normal sugars used in a household.

Other functions that are linked to Yacon syrup include but not limited to control of hunger, boost of metabolism and immune system, absorption of minerals, and a boost of digestive system. The functions are so many that make this syrup distinct among the natural sweeteners. Its benefits to the body were discovered many decades ago in its indigenous land of South America.

The syrup is an extract of Yacon root which was eaten for many years as part of diets. Its sweet taste, tasting like caramel, is also found to be appealing, and that is why it is included in many recipes.

Yacon syrup really works in providing the body with its benefits. It is rich in fiber and antioxidants. For the purpose of weight loss, there was a test done on 60 women. 40 women brought forth the results of the experiment, and 29 of those women had actually lost weight. This is also a proof that Yacon syrup really works. There are similar studies which were carried before the study carried by Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz has introduced Yacon syrup as a tool for weight loss. He has even referred to it as metabolic game changer. Some doctors as well do recognize the benefits of the syrup. Therefore, that should be a proof enough that the syrup really works.