How does Yacon syrup works?

Having heard about Yacon syrup being a metabolism game changer, one might be interested to know that how it does works. This syrup has gained popularity recently following the TV show broadcast by a well-known American specialist doctor by the name Dr. Oz. The doctor has outlined the benefits that are associated with this syrup as an extract from Yacon root.

Yacon syrup is said to be beneficial syrup that has been used for a long time in South America. It is used in many ways, viz. as an alternative for sugar or as a recipe in meals; a wide range of foods have this syrup included in them. The reasons behind the inclusion are vast and are all akin to health benefits. The syrup is known for its low calories, high content of fiber, and high content of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin.

The syrup of Yacon root is remarkably rich in inulin and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) prebiotics. Sugars like FOS have long chains and therefore not easily digested by the digestive system. That being said, FOS passes the digestive tract to the colon and small intestines. While in the colon, this prebiotics stimulate the activities of bacteria available in the colon for quicker absorption of foods and for relief of constipation, inter alia. FOS when reaches the colon, it becomes a soluble fiber and thus help with preventing constipation.

The bacteria in colon are Lactobacillus and Bifidus. Yacon syrup, with its content, helps to benefits the bacteria so as to enhance absorption, control cholesterol, trigger insulin levels and bowel movements. A diabetic person and someone who suffers from LDL “bad” cholesterol can benefit from this syrup. People with less fiber and with overweight bodies can also benefit considerably from this syrup. It has low calories which are said to be almost half the calories that a normal sugar has. Many people can benefit from this syrup.

Yacon syrup is also attributed to suppression of appetite and elimination of cravings. These will benefit the overweight people who strive to trim their waists. The advantage with this syrup is that it doesn’t require one to change lifestyle or eating plan. But a balanced diet is recommended for optimum results. Clinical studies were performed by Dr. Oz where 60 women were given the syrup and advised not to change their eating plans. The 40 of them have yielded good results of this syrup and that is when the doctor stood in a good position to finalize that Yacon syrup is a metabolism game changer.

Yacon syrup basically works by stimulating the bacteria in the colon so that constipation can be relieved, immune system can be boosted, and absorption of nutrients can be enhanced. Wastes and toxins are also removed from the body by this syrup from the colon. Its contents, unilin and FOS play a huge role in the colon. No enzyme can breakdown these sugars when passing through the digestive tract in the human beings. That is how this syrup works in the body.

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